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Our Commitment to Responsible Recruitment

We have a long list of accreditations that prove we’re responsible recruiters—but what does that actually mean? Who are we responsible to—and what are we doing to meet that responsibility every day?

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit:

What is The Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT)?

The RRT is a set of online tools organisations can use to learn about, practice, and demonstrate responsible recruitment. Here’s how it defines responsible recruitment:

“Lawful, fair and transparent recruitment of all workers in a manner that respects and protects their rights throughout their recruitment, work and post-termination.”

But how do you quantify all that? To turn these principles into actionable steps, the RRT provides 14 pillars for compliance. We’re proud to say that we comply with everyone.

1. No forced labour

We take proactive steps to mitigate the risk of forced labour and to stamp it out and offer remediation where we find it. Our candidates have freedom of movement throughout recruitment and work.

2. No child labour

No child labour is used, migrant workers under 18 are not recruited, and if we do identify child labour, we respond appropriately to stop it and offer remediation.

3. No recruitment fees

Our candidates never pay recruitment fees as it is unlawful in UK to charge a fee for employment. Where evidence of fee-charging is identified, we ensure appropriate remediation, including worker reimbursement.

4. Accurate information and status

We make sure job information is clear, accurate and fully understood by workers, and the employment relationship is formal, lawful and appropriate to the working arrangements and true employment status of the worker.

5. Proper Recruitment and Onboarding

We have systems in place to ensure all workers have been properly recruited and onboarded and have legal eligibility to work.

6. Wages and benefits

We make sure pay and benefits are fair and received on time by workers in accordance with legal and contractual rights.

7. Working Time

Our candidates are offered regular work, working hours in accordance with legal and responsible recruitment standards, and workers have adequate rest periods.

8. Safe Work Conditions

Our workers are protected from injury and illness arising from work, including adequate protections against climate hazards.

9. Transport

When our workers need transport, we ensure they’re safe, hygienic, meet workers’ basic needs, and accord with relevant national legislation and guidance.

10. Freedom of Association

Our workers’ rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining are respected—they can form and join trade unions and negotiate with their employers.

11. Fair treatment

All our workers receive fair and equal opportunity and treatment free from discrimination; diversity and inclusion are promoted, and no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

12. Termination Rights

We manage termination of workers’ contracts responsibly, they receive all outstanding pay and benefits to which they’re entitled, and their freedom to change employment is respected.

13. Remedy and Worker-Centered Culture

All our workers can access effective grievance mechanisms and response and remedy procedures without fear of repercussions. We take a worker-centered approach to support high levels of worker satisfaction and engagement.

14. Ethical and Professional Conduct

We run our business ethically and professionally, with responsible and collaborative purchasing practices[JW4] ensuring all workers, including workers in our supply chain, receive all their entitlements.

Whether you’re a candidate or a client, we hope this helps you feel secure and confident about working with us. If you’d like to talk about implementing Responsible Recruitment principles in your own business, get in touch for a free chat with Abacus.