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Robust recruitment solutions

Why Abacus

It’s a good question and one we are asked a lot.

The reality is that recruitment is hard.  Chances are you are struggling to fit in the time to do it properly.  Attracting the right people is more than just posting a job to the internet. Once all the applications come in they need to be sorted, initially interviewed and verified against job criteria and culture of your business.  About 30% of the people are only available for phone calls in the early mornings or evenings and then when you have decided that they are right for your business, you have the arduous task of ensuring they are compliant to work for you.  All of the time you need to manage expectations, maintain communication and deal with the many other aspects of the recruitment process. And then there is the rest of the day job to do!

So the question should be “why not Abacus”

We are specialists. Our experienced team will manage as much or as little of the process as you want; saving you time and money, and allowing you to focus on other priorities.  
And because we continually advertise through a variety of methods, we have a fully vetted database of quality permanent and temporary candidates, the vast majority of whom are immediately available. This allows us to react quickly in identifying the right people for your roles.

Our reach also means that we have access to a range of advertising channels that a business on its own will never be able to efficiently access. In short, we will make certain that we explore every part of the market to secure you the people you need.

Aside from that, one of the biggest reasons to use us is our unrelenting commitment to quality and compliance.  It is the bedrock to your ongoing success and we know it is vital. We take it seriously, we invest in it heavily and we own it.  No more sleepless nights worried about whether your workers are compliant, just total relaxation that we have it covered.
Above all our service is truly tailored too your needs.  But perhaps the most important thing is that whilst we are highly professional in everything we do, work also needs to be fun.  So we’ll do it all with a smile and camaraderie.

So speak to us today and understand how we can tailor an approach to your individual recruitment needs.