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Temporary work: The Secret Entrance to Permanent Jobs

We’ve noticed a trend in recent years. More and more of our candidates are asking about temporary work–even when their ultimate goal is a permanent job.


What do they know that the others don’t?


Read on to discover the three big advantages of temp work for permanent jobseekers.


  1. Try before you buy


Have you ever felt your new job excitement turn to disappointment–or worse, to the sickening realisation that you’ve made a terrible mistake? That won’t happen when you try out a role or company as a temp. Before you commit, you can find out exactly what the job, the culture, and the people are really like, and whether you think you’ll be happy there in the long term.


  1. Network with employers


Growing your professional network can lead to job opportunities you’d otherwise never have heard about–especially if you’re a career starter or career changer. Being known and trusted in your industry will also give you an advantage when you apply.


When you’re working as a temp, you can get to know your employer, find out what they’re looking for and what they can offer you, and discuss your interests and ambitions with them. Even if they don’t have any permanent work available right away, they’re likely to bear you in mind for the future or recommend you to others.


  1. Get hired


This is the big one. If you show that you’re reliable in a temp role, often you’ll be offered a permanent role. Employers, like candidates, have discovered that temp work can be better than an interview: while you’re trying them out, they’re trying you out.


So, when you start a temp role, bring your ‘A’ game. Show enthusiasm, take an interest in the role and the company, talk to the people you’re working with, and be friendly, helpful, and proactive. Demonstrate who you are through your actions, and you may not have to hear “Tell us a bit about yourself” again for a long time.


The best way to increase your chances? Work with a trusted recruitment agency. At Abacus, most of our temp roles lead to permanent positions. With our expertise and experience, we know how to position you to get your foot in the door at organisations that are an ideal fit for you.  


Get in touch today to discover more about how we can help you win your next permanent role.