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Getting Back in the Game: The Benefits of Temporary Work After a Career Break

Returning to work after a career break can be a daunting task for many. Whether you’ve taken a break to raise a family, care for a loved one, or for personal reasons, it’s natural to feel anxious about re-entering the workforce. However, temporary work is an excellent option to ease back into employment and get your foot back in the door. In this article, we’ll explore why temporary work is a good option after a career break, the benefits of temporary work, and the most popular temporary jobs in the UK.

Why Temporary Work Is a Good Option After a Career Break:

Easing back into work and transitioning to a full-time job: Temporary work allows individuals to ease back into the workforce without the pressure of committing to a full-time job. It provides the opportunity to adjust to a new work environment, understand the work culture and the type of work you enjoy before taking on a permanent role.

Flexible working hours: Many temporary jobs offer flexible working hours, which makes it easier to balance work and family commitments, allowing you to have control over your work-life balance. This is a crucial benefit for individuals returning to work after a career break, as it allows them to adjust their work schedule based on their needs.

Minimising CV gaps: Having a long gap in your CV can be a red flag for employers, and temporary work can help fill the gap. Working in a temporary role shows that you are motivated and proactive in returning to the workforce, which can positively influence your chances of landing a permanent role.

The network effect: Temporary work offers the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and expand your network. This can lead to potential job offers in the future, as employers may be impressed with your work ethic and offer a permanent position.

Your rights are protected if you become sick: Temporary workers have the same employment rights as permanent workers. This means that if you become sick, you are entitled to statutory sick pay, and your employer cannot terminate your contract due to your illness.

Not sure where to start?

Working with Abacus can make finding temporary work that accommodates your situation easier. We have access to a range of temporary jobs that may not be advertised elsewhere and can help match you with roles that align with your skills and experience. Additionally, we can provide support with CV writing, interview preparation, and negotiation of employment terms.

In conclusion, temporary work can be a great option for those returning to work after a career break. Whether you're looking for flexibility, the opportunity to update your CV, or to meet new people and network, there are numerous benefits to temporary work. By partnering with Abacus, you can find temporary work that accommodates your needs and helps you transition back into the workforce with ease.