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The Benefits of Temporary Work when you are a Parent

In recent years, the number of temporary workers in the UK has significantly increased, which mainly seems to be due to employers saving money as well as workers enjoying flexibility. This particularly applies to the parental demographic.

What is temporary work?

Temporary work is where a worker works on a flexible, temporary basis, allowing companies to hire for a specific project or cover a busy time period. Temporary work gives parents the freedom to explore different options, as they won’t be stuck in the same role for a long period of time. This flexibility aspect is what attracts many parents to take up temporary work.

What are the benefits of temporary work for parents?

If you’re a parent who’s unsure of whether taking up temporary work is the right thing to do, then explore the benefits, as they might just change your mind.

1.   Keeps your CV up to date.

When you are ready, you may choose to undertake or return to permanent employment. By taking on temporary roles in the meantime you continue to gain new skills and knowledge. Employers are more likely to be in touch if your CV is enriched with a variety of roles.

2.   Meet new people.

Temporary work offers the opportunity to meet new people which can be difficult as a parent, especially if you are a new parent. This social aspect is great for parents, as it offers a chance to be around other adults when you might spend most of your time with your children.

Furthermore,  in our careers, it’s sometimes not what you know, it’s who you know. Temporary roles are a useful way of meeting new people and growing your network. This could assist you in finding permanent work when you decide the time is right for you to return.

3.   Rights are protected.

Temporary workers have protected statutory rights to rest breaks, national minimum / living wage and the accumulation of holiday pay which could help support a family trip.

Final Thoughts

In truth, when you're making money,  you feel better about yourself and feel more valued. As a parent, this building of confidence can be extremely beneficial in the period of time before you decide to return to permanent work.

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