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Why juggling work and study is actually a good idea

As the cost of living and tuition fees continue to rise, many students are looking for ways to make ends meet. A recent survey by the website ‘Save The Student’ found that more than 80% of those surveyed are struggling to get by, with the average student maintenance loan falling short of the increased cost of living. The survey also found that four out of five students had even considered dropping out of universities due to spiralling costs. With costs higher than ever, is it time to consider part-time and/or full-time temporary work during the summer/winter break? Juggling work and study not only helps cover expenses, but it also provides valuable life skills and lessons that can benefit you and your career in the long run.

Here are 4 reasons to consider working whilst studying:

  1. Good job references for future employment: Having a part-time job or temporary role during term breaks can provide good job references for future employment. Employers often look for candidates with prior work experience, and having glowing referencing could be the difference between you and another candidate in the future.
  2. Enhances your CV: In addition, having a job while studying looks good on your CV. It shows that you are proactive and capable of balancing multiple responsibilities. Employers appreciate candidates who can juggle work and study, and it can set you apart from other applicants who chose not to work whilst studying.
  3. Covers the cost of living: Aside from the benefits to future employment prospects, having a job whilst studying can help cover the cost of living. Many students struggle to make ends meet, and a part-time or temp job can provide some much-needed financial assistance. It also helps to teach the value of money and help with developing better financial habits.
  4. Improves time management skills: Furthermore, working while studying can improve time management skills. Balancing work and study can be a challenging task, but it forces students to prioritise their time effectively. Learning how to manage your time efficiently can be beneficial for academic success and can carry over into other areas of life.

In conclusion, getting a job while studying can provide many benefits, including good job references for future employment, enhancing your CV, covering the cost of living and improving time management skills. However, it's important to remember to balance work and study and not to let one negatively impact the other. With proper time management and discipline, having a part-time or temporary job during terms breaks can be a valuable and rewarding experience.

Would you like to find a temporary role that fits around your study? At Abacus we understand that each student’s life, wants and needs vary. We can help you find work that fits around your study and allows you to maintain a social life outside of work and study. Register with us today and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss your availability and roles that we have available.

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