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10 top tips to pick the top candidate

  1. Get clear on what the job is – that includes what knowledge, skills, behaviours and experience the candidate will need, where you might find someone with those, and how to appeal to them in your ad.
  2. Recruit for attitude, train for skills. Make your key criteria the behaviours that are important for the job and the organisation. You can train skills, you can’t change who someone is.
  3. Use competency-based, not hypothetical or thinking questions. Info on what someone has done is more useful than what they imagine they would do.
  4. Go beyond the interview. Consider using psychometric tests, presentations, work simulations or work trials to assess candidates.
  5. Know basic employment law. Things like the National Minimum Wage, Working Time Regulations, Data Protection Act and the Equality Act are all important in recruitment, and it’s better to spend time and money on training than dealing with complaints.
  6. Keep notes from interviews. If a candidate wants feedback or complains about unfairness, you’ll need them. Note down the candidate's actual responses rather than your opinions of their responses. 
  7. Move fast and avoid too many interview stages, or your candidate will be snapped up by a rival.
  8. The candidates are interviewing you too, so don’t forget basic interview etiquette: show up on time, dress sharp, and give an honest but positive account of yourself and your organisation.
  9. Don’t forget onboarding. A poor onboarding experience will lose your new hire almost before they’ve started.
  10. Engage with a reputable employment agency - they know the market and are experts in matching the right candidates to the job.-  Speak with Abacus Employment Services - we can help you find the perfect candidate; we have been doing it for over 30 years!